Vitamin D milk

The method in practice

Most vitamin D3 can accumulate in the milk when the cows are out on the pasture under the sun. If this is not possible, e.g. in winter, the sun must come into the stable. For this purpose, existing lamps are simply replaced by full-spectrum light tubes that provide healthy light.

Light is required during the day in the modern and animal-friendly free-range stables. The animals don’t care how the light is created. Our light comes from the same lamps that we have all known for a long time. They hang in offices, schools, factories and hospitals. The light intensity and quantity is also the same.

The difference is due to the different mixture of light colors. However, this is not visually perceptible.
The principle works so well and reliably because it can be used to simulate summer days practically 365 times a year.

And the animals?
Compared to the sun, the intensity of the light is marginal, so that no negative effects are to be feared. On the contrary: Thanks to vitamin D3 synthesis, the animals’ self-immunization is improved and their defenses strengthened. You are healthier and live longer. On the other hand, veterinary and medication costs are reduced.
All in all, a win-win situation for everyone involved: the consumers, the animals and the farmers.

Who can produce dDrei-Milk?
dDrei – Milk can be produced on all dairy farms, large or small, conventional or organic.