Vitamin D milk

Thanks to NASA

The secret of the vitamin D3 enrichment method is healthy light, more precisely: the light colors of the sun, which we know from the rainbow. And even more precisely: the different effects of the different frequencies of the sunlight colors.
With our innovation, we stand on the shoulders of famous predecessors. Essentially, the method is based on the further development of a light system that was originally developed by NASA. The reason for this was the state of health of submarine crews who had become ill and depressed after spending months at sea without natural light. This was the world’s first full spectrum light. hrough years of development work, we have been able to further improve the NASA method.
The big question was: How do you manage to translate knowledge and observations about the effects of sunlight colors and frequencies into a practical application method for the production of milk with natural vitamin D? How do you get closest to the light spectrum of the sun?
It was not easy. Our first attempts all failed, but now we’ve managed it. Result: The naturally most vitamin D-rich milk ever.